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Lexion Consulting - Asset Management

"The customer focus and best practice work we did with Lexion has had a tremendous impact on our business.  In addition to the P&L improvement, we have gained market share and tripled our sales .... we are now focusing on further acquisitions and we will be calling Lexion in again to help us." 

Chief Executive of a manufacturer and distributor of heating and ventilation products

Asset Management

Asset ManagementInvestment has always been a key ingredient of market leadership and, in the quest to reduce the cost of people in all organizations, more sophisticated plant, machinery and hardware is finding its way into every aspect of life. It is critical that asset management processes are up to the task so that outstanding levels of safety, availability and cost containment are achieved. To do this requires rigorous and comprehensive monitoring and management, optimising conflicting requirements - safety, affordable investment, maximum availability and customer service with minimum running costs. In addition, the asset management process must harness a slick supply chain that delivers the responsiveness required.

Lexion has designed and successfully implemented asset management programmes in many different environments, from hospital theatres to paper processing plants. Asset management is a key element of service and quality improvement programmes because consistency, reliability and availability of critical assets are a prerequisite. Programmes of this sort usually produce the results in one or a combination of the areas below:

  • Reduced investment and capital expenditure
  • Increased availability
  • Reduced asset maintenance running costs
  • Improved productivity and service