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Lexion Consulting - Consultant Job Planning

"We would never have been able to achieve our budget in this financial year without the acceleration, leadership and pace that Lexion have provided.  An excellent transfer of both skills and knowledge." 

Customer Services Director of a major public utility

Consultant Job Planning

Consultant Job PlanningAs one executive member of a large acute trust said to us recently...

"Consultant Job planning is probably the most strategically challenging issue facing acute trusts currently and with Lexion we have quickly implemented a powerful joined up approach to it".

Tariffs are being squeezed and clinical departments are under pressure and being asked within the annual planning process to do more with less.  Lexion’s Consultant Job Planning offers an opportunity to generate very significant opportunities within your organisation for the future. Our projects are mostly designed to self-finance with paybacks of at least 300% on our costs.

In partnership with acute trusts, Lexion has developed an integrated approach to Consultant Job Planning. This incorporates annual planning, capacity planning and daily/weekly performance management, as well as comprehensive training and mentoring, focused on results in terms of clinic and theatre effectiveness and much improved patient experience.

The results so far have been impressive, showing 15% to 25% uplift in patient throughput whilst the patient has also benefited with less error, waste and rework. Our process focuses on:

  • current performance and custom & practice for consultant, clinic and theatre utilisation
  • applying a results-based lean approach to end to end supporting processes
  • identification of root causes of slot loss, waste, rework and error, and engage clinicians and achieve consensus
  • annual planning of sessions, patients and slots drawing upon best practice
  • a structured, objective process that attacks the root causes of breaches
  • annual planning identifying opportunities and threats based upon realistic capacity
  • strengthening the "performance culture" and behaviour

We support, facilitate, mentor and train as required for application of our approach. Our focus throughout is on equipping the team to sustain a robust process that continually improves. The processes and software are universally applicable and the approach can quickly be adapted to the specifics of any clinical area including clinical support.

Please contact us if you have potential needs in the areas discussed.