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Lexion Consulting - Cost Improvement Plans (CIP's)

"The customer focus and best practice work we did with Lexion has had a tremendous impact on our business.  In addition to the P&L improvement, we have gained market share and tripled our sales .... we are now focusing on further acquisitions and we will be calling Lexion in again to help us." 

Chief Executive of a manufacturer and distributor of heating and ventilation products

Cost Improvement Plans (CIP's)

Cost Improvement PlansAcute Trusts are squaring up to the challenges of financial planning for next year and are in the process of developing Cost Improvement Plans or CIP's aimed at meeting stretching goals and delivering more for less in terms of a superior patient experience and value for money.

Tariffs are being squeezed and do not always fully recover cost increases. This means that there have to be cost and revenue recoveries to achieve financial balance year on year.

Lexion Consulting has deep experience with acute trusts seeking to identify and take advantage of significant latent opportunity within organisations like these. Each year it gets tougher to identify opportunity and in the absence of any structured, continuous improvement approach, the process is applied "top down" with little or no substance or rigor and we have all seen the resultant widespread overspend and missed targets.

Lexion helps Trusts who face these challenges.  

Lexion, understanding the strategic importance of engaging clinicians in terms of clinic usage, capacity planning, breaches and lost revenue, has already developed and proven simple but powerful methodologies, while fully harnessing the opportunities within Agenda for Change in areas such as nursing.

We understand the importance of justifying our existence. Almost without exception, our projects are self-financing.

Please contact us if you have potential needs in the areas discussed.