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Lexion Consulting - Cost & Purchasing Management

"It took the expertise of the Lexion team to deliver what we had only dreamed of.  We were presented with indisputable data, detailed planning and key performance measures to ensure the success of the implementation programme ... We have engaged Lexion for a further period, to improve our back office functions." 

CEO of international gas detection equipment manufacturing company

Cost & Purchasing Management

Cost & Purchasing Management


In today’s harsh and unforgiving economic climate, it is essential that organisations of all types and sizes adopt effective cost and purchasing management that is sustainable and fair. Lexion can strengthen and deepen your efforts and have saved its clients on average 24% on costs with no up front fees.
Knee-jerk reactions to squeezed margins and relentless increases in core and non-core costs can make things worse if customer service deteriorates as a result. The skills, focus and time required to deliver cost savings whilst retaining customer service are at a premium and small to medium organisations simply can’t afford to carry that overhead. Consequently individuals without the necessary skills or time are often given the job with inevitably mediocre results.

Mediocre employee skillsLexion has recognised this need and, backed up by years of success delivering cost and service improvement within larger businesses, have applied their skills to the smaller and medium sized business. We are growing rapidly due to two factors:

  • We focus on the essential overheads that together add up to significant cost within all organisations and, on average to-date, we have achieved a sustainable 24% average cost saving
  • Lexion works on a contingency basis, (no win, no fee), and benefits are only counted when actual invoices confirm the savings against the benchmark.

We have a powerful performance and purchase auditing process that makes waste and latent performance opportunity visible. This, combined with purchasing leverage via proven Category 1 approved suppliers, secures our continuing success that can be demonstrated in our case studies.  We benchmark current performance, invite alternative solutions and proposals, agree the best solution that will meet the service, quality and cost goals of our clients, oversee implementation and monitor the results as an ongoing process.
Comparison ChartThere are essential business costs in any and every organization, including amongst others: core direct expenditure, utilities, communications, IT, property, consumables, insurance, waste, financial costs and working capital. All are unavoidable but, when savings are generated, they fall straight to the bottom line. As one client said to us:

“ It’s interesting to think that I would need to sell five times the value you have saved us to make the same profit impact...!“