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Lexion Consulting - Lean Sigma Enterprise

"An excellent project, I wasn't aware of the scope of the potential in both monetary terms and management improvements." 

MD of City-based financial services company

Lean Sigma Enterprise

Lean SigmaLexion is not evangelical about Lean or Six Sigma. We will utilise and adapt whatever tools are out there for the benefit of our clients. The combination, in appropriate situations, of Lean and Six Sigma can be a powerful force for re-energising and redirecting organisations.  This can be especially so in organisations showing dynamic growth and challenging customer service demands, such as Financial Services, Logistics and Retail.

Lean Sigma looks at the potential within the organisation now and does not rely on new technology or significant capital spend. Once an operation strategy is developed and focus, timing and goals are agreed, Six Sigma provides a framework and a set of analytical tools that make opportunity for step change visible, engaging the client's people at all levels - bottom up and middle out. Natural resistance and blockage in any enterprise is endemic and, at its core, Lean Sigma is about changing attitudes, behaviour and culture. This is the foundation of lasting change.

Lexion applies "Lean Sigma" because it is a powerful structured approach to accomplish challenging targets for radical improvements within any organisation that employs resources and offers products or service. Benefits are a by-product of establishing product, service and process leadership and we will borrow from any sector to achieve "best in class" results. The outputs from this are processes and behaviours that aspire to eliminate all waste, attain perfection i.e. nil errors, and maximize value in whatever form is appropriate to the customer, employee, the shareholder and the community.
The results of Lean Sigma are well documented and can be spectacular:

  •  Time to market - reduced by 50% or more
  • Capital employed in the business reduced by 30% or more
  • Productivity - 30 to 50% improvement typical - all areas - more in support and indirect areas
  • Product and design rationalisation - 25% to 40% reduction in SKU's
  • Sales and marketing effectiveness - at least 10% in sales effectiveness with greater focus on high contribution products and services
  • Quality - defects move from measurement in % to parts per million.
  • Technology leadership through e-commerce and other enabling technologies usually figure in later phases of Lean Sigma

However beware! - These results do not come easily; if they did you would have already done it! Based on a number of surveys done over the last 5 years, only about one third of Lean or Six Sigma programmes run by clients themselves deliver these kinds of results. Many business leaders buy into the vision but fail to successfully deliver. We work with our clients applying our experience and focus to turning the vision into reality.