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Lexion Consulting - Process

"The customer focus and best practice work we did with Lexion has had a tremendous impact on our business.  In addition to the P&L improvement, we have gained market share and tripled our sales .... we are now focusing on further acquisitions and we will be calling Lexion in again to help us." 

Chief Executive of a manufacturer and distributor of heating and ventilation products


ProcessTechnology makes global sourcing and procurement ever easier. Price has become the primary differentiator, even in sectors such as fine chemicals which were traditionally product differentiated. Margins are being squeezed and companies are merging and consolidating to meet the challenge.

Survival demands a sufficient margin to reinvest in new product led differentiation and a supply chain that can support market penetration.

Through performance coaching and accelerated implementation, Lexion can underpin margins and exploit opportunities within core business processes, the supply chain, channels to market and the management of your assets.