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Lexion Consulting - Supply Chain Leadership

"An excellent project, I wasn't aware of the scope of the potential in both monetary terms and management improvements." 

MD of City-based financial services company

Supply Chain Leadership

Supply Chain LeadershipThe supply chain in the modern enterprise has become a strategic battlefield. To achieve a competitive advantage - such as "global reach and synergies", "reduced time to market", "flexibility and customisation", "greater asset sweat" and "reduced cost per transaction", a world-class supply chain is a competitive necessity.

Lexion has built up an enviable reputation in helping organisations with issues such as: -

  • The re-design and timely implementation of integrated supply chains within and across countries and continents.
  • Specification and implantation of new IT supply chain platforms.
  • Performance improvement in parts of the Supply Chain e.g. Procurement, Manufacturing, Warehousing.
  • Partnering and collaboration.
  • Make or buy decisions and outsourcing strategy and execution.