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Lexion Consulting - Self-financing Turnkey Projects

"We would never have been able to achieve our budget in this financial year without the acceleration, leadership and pace that Lexion have provided.  An excellent transfer of both skills and knowledge." 

Customer Services Director of a major public utility

Self-financing Turnkey Projects

Turnkey ProjectsInitially, our projects within Trusts were mainly about "more for less" wherever there were minimal clinical sensitivities, i.e. areas such as Estates, Cleaning, Hygiene Services, Catering, Portering, Health Records, Administration and Clerical, and Purchasing. This was either to contribute to Financial Recovery Plans or to turbo charge efforts to extract savings from barren or doggedly resistant areas: we were usually a last resort.

Typically, if performance management was applied as we proposed, we were projecting performance improvement and/or cost reduction of 20% to 40%.  Projects of this type still take place but usually when Trusts seek 2nd and 3rd phase improvement.

In the last few years the focus has moved up the value chain and into the critical clinical areas that deliver national clinical care and cost targets. These areas are now operating in Theatres, A & E, Outpatient Clinics, Radiology, Pathology and other clinical sectors. The emphasis is on such things as:

  • Consultant job planning
  • Clinic and theatre utilisation
  • Managing and reducing the patient pathway
  • Generating benefits within Agenda from for Change
  • Workforce Management
  • Designing and implementing Cost Improvement Plans (CIP's)

Please contact us if you have potential needs in the areas discussed.